Skeleton at the Feast

Packed off to his old Oxford college on a course, with his career in limbo, Chief Inspector Michael Thackeray broods on an uncertain future and allows his former tutor to persuade him to investigate the disappearance of a senior don. Why has Dr. Mark Harrison abandoned his wife, his family and his students so abruptly? And why has no one heard from him or his girlfriend since the day they left St. Frideswide's? The college needs some answers urgently Tormented by unhappy memories of his own time at the university, Thackeray finds himself adrift in an Oxford where nothing is as it seems. Are Harrison and his girlfriend alive or dead? How many horrors, so effortlessly covered up over the years, are coming back to haunt St. Frideswide's and its reluctant investigator? And what crimes link the privileged world of college cloisters to the drug dealers and squats outside the walls? Back on home turf, his lover, reporter Laura Ackroyd, watches and waits - and asks her own questions - as the ripples caused by a young policewoman's death throw sergeant Kevin Mower into turmoil and an ambitious woman copper sets her sights on Thackeray's job. The wrongs inflicted on the young by an older generation and on the present by the past provide a unifying theme to Patricia Hall's exploration of violence, deceit and greed in settings as far apart as an Oxford college and a high rise estate in Yorkshire.

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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