What the critics have said about Patricia's books

"A Patricia Hall novel combines the best elements of mystery detection and thriller in one novel ... Her storylines are complex, but not hard to follow. They entertain with good detection, people to care about and a heroine of great courage and intellect." Deadly Pleasures

"Hall's style is refreshingly clean and uncluttered, and her narrative achieves a powerful momentum as the layers of deception are stripped away. Her journalist protagonist is an intelligently realised character." Times Literary Supplement

"Hall's characters have the smack-in-the-face quality of real life, are well-developed and, most importantly, co-exist with some very fine plotting indeed". Crime Time

"A modern Yorkshire setting for a modern upbeat crime story that ventures into thriller territory. Hall's clean-cut style adds to the enjoyment." Yorkshire Post

"Psychologically acute, with graphic description, characters who are often as chilling as the place, and the tense, tortured love affair between Laura and Thackeray. Absorbing stuff." Kirkus Reviews

"Hall's remarkable balancing of the professional and personal lives of her characters ... proves as riveting as the mystery itself." Publishers Weekly

Death Trap

"Life in 1960s London continues to challenge a young photographer from Liverpool. Nothing the police did in handling the murder of her brother's flatmate (Dead Beat 2011) did much to inspire Kate O'Donnell's confidence, so she's reluctant to call them when she sees two thugs with a dog harrassing the couple downstairs. She knows the landlord wants to clear her building so he can chop the flats up into tiny apartments to rent out to Notting Hill's growing West Indian community, and when a West Indian neighbour is arrested on scant evidence in the killing of a young prostitute she has no choice but to call DS Harry Barnard of the Soho vice squad for help. Barnard's soft spot for Kate has been clear ever since he ran interference for her in her brother's case. Hall's second in the series begins where her first leaves off, mixing straight up procedural with a dose of local colour." Kirkus Reviews

Dead Beat

"A cheerful but gutsy heroine, a cop with a tough exterior masking a soft heart, the nostalgic 1960s background, and plenty of unexpected twists make the novel an engaging and enjoyable read." Booklist

Death in a Far Country

Death becomes this odd couple

"The combination of cop and journalist is a smart one and Hall deftly plays off the public faces of Thackeray and Ackroyd against their complex private relationship. Death in a Far Country is a solid, readable novel set firmly in mainstream crime thriller territory." Tribune

Sins of the Fathers

"SINS OF THE FATHERS finds Hall right back to form, yes, the book is what you expect from her -- a bleak and depressing setting, peopled by ground-down unhappy characters. But it feels absolutely real and is difficult to set aside. The ending's a little too pat, perhaps, but naturally there will be a lot of loose ends to explore in the next of the series!." reviewingtheevidence.com

Dead Reckoning

"Dead Reckoning takes a compelling look at Muslim-Christian relations in the industrial Yorkshire town of Bradfield. If Earnshaw's mill closes, half the pakistani population will be out of work. As the tension mounts, Laura goes moonlighting to interview Muslim women for a radio show about their experiences since 9/11 with the town's neo-nazis. What she uncovers builds to a highly satisfying final act." pwforecasts

Death in Dark Waters

"Patricia Hall weaves two distinct but related threads through this novel: the murder investigation and the changing relationship between Thackeray and Ackroyd ... it has tension and a strong detective plot to keep me turning the pages." Sherlock Holmes Magazine

Deep Freeze

"The many strands of the story are - amazingly - brought together and the crimes explained, though one can hardly say that justice is done. A powerful and memorable story, Deep Freeze will make readers want to find any earlier entries in the series they may have missed." Mystery News.

Skeleton at the Feast

"There's not a wrong note here. The characters climb right off the pages, and the plot is complex and well-constructed." Contra Costa Times.

"A clever plot and a satisfying resolution." Booklist

Dead on Arrival

"An expert portrayal of aspects of British life that Americans rarely see, but will not soon forget." Booklist

The Poison Pool

"Well observed characters, a thoroughly modem theme, and a degree of control remarkable in a debut, make The Poison Pool a fine achievement and leave me eager for more." Reginald Hill

"This auspicious debut is set in a modern England where the landscape is dotted with council houses as well as country homes and where class differences are not to be ignored." Publishers Weekly

The Coldness of Killers

"As contemporary as tonight's evening paper, and much more exciting." Robert Barnard

"An excellently drawn background, realistic characters, and a plot that leads to a startling final revelation." The Scotsman

Death by Election

"Grips like a candidate's handshake." The Guardian

"A taut and exciting style, vivid characters and a fast paced tale." The Yorkshire Post

"Highly readable... unpretentious, thought-provoking and, above all, entertaining." Oxford Mail

Dying Fall

"A thoughtful and well written novel, with believable characters and a hard-to-solve mystery" Sunday Telegraph

The Italian Girl

"Rich, complex and convincing ... Another atmospheric outing for Thackeray." Kirkus Reviews

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