The Poison Pool

When they found old Tom Carter dead it looked like a routine mugging gone horribly wrong: a crime which could easily be handled by the relatively junior officer who found himself in charge that night. But when inspector Alex Sinclair made the quick arrest he had hoped for, he found himself embroiled in a poisonous conspiracy which went right to the heart of his close-knit Yorkshire community, and eventually put his own career on the line.

The Poison Pool is set in a realistic small town on the edge of rugged Yorkshire countryside. Suspicion leads from the bleak back alley on a council estate where the old man's body is found, to the more prosperous suburbs, to local business, the town council and the Masonic lodge Sinclair himself has been urged to join. It is soon clear that the boy Sinclair so confidently arrested could be a convenient scapegoat for far more powerful interests who might have wanted Tom Carter dead.

How far has the poison of corruption spread? As Sinclair and social worker Kate Weston struggle to identify and contain it, they plumb murky depths indeed.

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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