Perils of the Night

Reporter Laura Ackroyd finds herself on a collision course with Detective Chief Inspector Michael Thackeray when she takes on a rash assignment in Bradfield's red light district and ends up in the cells. It was while she was at the police station facing his anger and embarrassment that news of the murder came in. A young woman had been found stabbed to death in the upstairs bedroom of a terraced house in the notorious Whitley Street. But the victim was not one of the local prostitutes. She was a student, a regular at the local church and studying hard for her exams. Who could have wanted to kill her?

With the street girls besieged by vigilantes and two brutal murders in the neighbourhood, Ackroyd and Thackeray find their loyalties stretched and their lives at risk. When one of the dead girl's flatmates disappears, it looks as though they have a suspect. But what is the involvement of the charismatic local vicar, how exactly were the impoverished student residents of Whitley Street supplementing their grants and what might the tabloid press uncover in the dark corners of family lives? Patricia Hall's latest novel offers a skilful mix of contemporary issues and emotional dramas which ends in a climax of blood and tears.

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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