The Italian Girl

Long gone and best forgotten had been Bradfield's verdict on Mariella Bonnetti, the beautiful Italian girl who went missing on a rainy Coronation day. But when the bones of a young woman are dug up, bitter memories and old hatreds surface too.

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Thackeray is leading the official investigation into Mariella Bonnetti's murder, but he meets only evasion and deceit amongst those who remember her. Then one crucial witness is found dead and another drugged, and old murder turns brutally new. Thackeray's girlfriend, journalist Laura Ackroyd, has her own reasons to be interested in the case. Her grandmother, now ill and in a nursing home, recalls the Bonnettis and the day of Mariella's disappearance well. Laura's father was among the gang of children who played street cricket with the Italian girl. Gradually, a picture begins to emerge of Mariella's last hours, but are the police getting any closer to her killer? Who is it in thrusting modern Bradfield who is so determined to conceal the identity of Mariella's murderer that they would murder again - and again?

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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