Death Trap

It's an exciting time to be in London, especially for young photographer Kate O'Donnell, who left her native Liverpool six months previously to share a tiny dilapidated flat at the top of a decaying house with two girlfriends in trendy Notting Hill. She was just in time to see the Beatles' meteoric rise to fame, bringing her home town and her accent into sudden favour. But she soon discovers that there's a darker side to Swinging Sixties' London when a prostitute is found murdered off the Portobello Road and a West Indian immigrant is arrested, inflaming the district's simmering racial tension to breaking point. The accused is Nelson Mackintosh, the father of one of Kate's flatmate Tess's pupils. Convinced of Nelson's innocence, Kate determines to track down the real killer. But when her activities attract the attention of notorious West Indian gangster King Devine, not even Kate's old sparring partner DS Harry Barnard can ensure her safety.

Death Trap was published by Crème de la Crime in March 2012

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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