Death by Election

By-election fever has gripped the constituency of Bradfield, and the national media circus has taken over the town - or so it seems to Laura Ackroyd, the reporter from the local newspaper who knows the town and its politics a great deal better than the self-styled experts hot off the London train.

Laura is not only assigned to cover Richard Thurston and his campaign, but is also expected to follow up other news. Like the police investigation into the discovery of an unidentified body on the moors, the student campaign to 'out' various public figures and the hints of some dirty dealings in the corridors of the town hall.

As Laura peels away the veneer of each story, she discovers a tangle of old and new indiscretions, emotional blackmail and a disturbing amount of violence, and when the latter is turned against herself, she becomes aware that there is a common thread to all these matters which leads to the main players taking the murderous road to Westminster.

In an intriguing mystery, which is as much whydunnit as whodunnit, the spotlight of publicity turns out to be the curtain-raiser on a scandal which provides physically and potentially fatal to the villain and victim.

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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