Death in Dark Waters

The Carib Club is one of Bradfield's most popular night-spots amongst the black community - but it's in the heart of a Muslim district and the, local mosque are keen to get the club closed down. So when, after a night out clubbing, Jeremy Adams is knocked down by a taxi and left in a coma, the pressure on the Carib starts building. Jeremy had taken Ecstasy tablets before the accident happened and his father, wealthy local businessman Grantley Adams, wants to know who supplied him with the pills. DCI Michael Thackeray is put on the case but when none of the boy's friends seem willing to talk he finds himself getting nowhere fast. Meanwhile Thackeray's girlfriend, reporter Laura Ackroyd, is conducting her own investigation into Bradfield's drugs problem. A young boy has died after falling from a tower block on the Wuthering Heights housing estate - the police are blaming the accident on a heroin overdose, but his friends swear that he was clean. A gripping and thought-provoking mystery.

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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