Dead Reckoning

Earnshaw's mill is one of the last remnants of Bradfield's glorious industrial past: but times are changing and Earnshaw's future is hanging in the balance. The Earnshaw family's problems spiral out of control when their son Simon is murdered. As DCI Thackeray investigates his death, the mill teeters on the brink of strikes and closure: Simon was a major shareholder and he hasn't left a will.

Meanwhile reporter Laura Ackroyd is looking into the problems of Muslim women and girls and the threat to the whole community of an increasingly popular British Patriotic Party. She uncovers the plight of Saira Khan, a promising university student who seems to have gone missing. Despite assurances from her family that she is safe, her friends do not believe it.

As industrial and race relations deteriorate, it isn't long before violence spills onto the streets of Bradfield. Absorbing and emotional, Dead Reckoning is the latest in Patricia Hall's powerful contemporary series.

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