Dead Beat

When photographer Kate O'Donnell leaves Liverpool she has two things in mind: to make a career in the big city and to track down her older brother who made the same trip earlier and has not been heard of since. But a job proves easier to find than Tom and when she does find a trace of him he is still missing, leaving behind a dead flat-mate and some very suspicious cops. When Harry Barnard of the vice squad catches up with Kate, Tom's future looks grim. Kate's struggle to clear Tom's name in 1960s Soho and back home in the city of the Merseybeat, takes her on a terrifying journey into an underworld where no-one is quite what they seem. Her investigations upset powerful and violent men and she is not even sure the charming sergeant Barnard can be trusted. It is a terrifying leap from taking snaps in the Cavern Club to a gangsters' gala at the Delilah Club where death lurks beneath the tuxedos and she begins to fear for her life. Dead Beat was published by Creme de la Crime on May 26 2011. Death Trap followed in March 2012.

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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