Dead on Arrival

Patricia Hall's eighth crime novel to feature journalist Laura Ackroyd and her lover Chief Inspector Michael Thackeray deals with a very contemporary Britain. Hall addresses such emotive and topical issues as the transportation of illegal immigrants, police racism and the alienation of ethnic: minorities in this exciting new thriller. On her own in London's Docklands, reporter Laura Ackroyd discovers that the surface glitz conceals a vicious underworld when she witnesses the murder of a young African. Outrage leads to terror as it becomes apparent that the police are scarcely interested in the murder and that someone else is very determined indeed to cover up what lies behind the teenager's brutal death. Meanwhile in Bradfield, DCI Michael Thackeray's career is on the line when he finds it hard to concentrate on murder and abduction on his own patch while Laura is away. Desperation and greed are compounded by police incompetence and lead to a dark climax to this gripping new novel.

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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