The Coldness of Killers

When the body of a young dropout is discovered at a downtown school in a West Yorkshire city, is the motive mindless racism or something more complex but just as brutal?

The ensuing violence and racial tension test loyalties to breaking-point across a mixed community, and no one is more involved than the liberal teacher Joanna Robertson, who finds that not only are the personal loyalties strained in ways she could never have envisaged, but she is herself suspected of murder.

Christmas approaches, and Detective Chief Inspector Harry Huddleston, who had planned to end his career in his home town on a convivial note, has several suspect killings on his hands and no clues to any of the perpetrators. But as his tenacious investigation gets under way, neither Huddleston nor anyone else foresaw the violent conclusion which was to disrupt so many lives.

Copyright © 2012 Patricia Hall

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