In the Bleak Midwinter

When Bradfield reporter Laura Ackroyd is assigned to nearby Arnedale's local newspaper, it seems there is more than midwinter blues to explain her frosty welcome among the town's power-brokers. Instantly wary of her new neighbours, she soon discovers feelings of hostility towards a group of New Age travellers camped outside the town, corruption relating to land deals that are not being covered by the local press, and an apparent link to the recent murder in Bradfield of Linda Wright, a young estate agent. When a local campaigner against land development is also killed, Laura senses the two dead women may point to a much larger web of secrecy and corruption. Realising she needs to dig deeper than several of the town's interested parties wish her to, Laura finds there are some powerful people who will use violence to deter her prying eyes.. Patricia Hall once again cleverly draws together personal and political issues in this refreshing and topical mystery.

"Reminiscent of Reginald Hill." Yorkshire Post "Hall's characters have the smack in the face quality of real life, are well developed, and most importantly, co-exist with some very fine plotting indeed." Crime Time "Psychologically acute, with graphic description, characters who are often as chilling as the place, and the tense, tortured love affair between Laura and Thackeray. Absorbing stuff" Kirkus Reviews

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