Deep Waters

1964. Detective Sergeant Harry Barnard has been ordered to track down notorious Soho club owner Ray Robertson, who hasn't been seen for several days. The case takes on greater urgency when a battered body is discovered at the gym Ray owns. Is Ray the killer...or is he a victim? Photographer Kate O'Donnell meanwhile is working on a feature about the regeneration of Canvey Island in the Thames estuary, finally being rebuilt after the devastating East Coast floods of 1953. But as Kate and Harry are about to discover, the Canvey Island floods, the murder and Ray Robertson's disappearance are connected in more ways than one...

Deep Waters was published by Severn House Publishers in March 2016

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Blood Brothers

1963. A badly mutilated corpse is discovered on the site of the new Centre Point currently under construction in London's West End. Fingers and toes severed, it has all the all-marks of a gang-land killing. But DS Harry Barnard is not completely convinced. He is also anxious that a key witness in the up-coming trial of Georgie Robertson, a sadistic bully he has known since they were East End evacuees together. Could there even be a connection? Meanwhile his girl-friend, photographer Kate O'Donnell, is dipping a toe in murky waters on an assignment with a national newspaper crime reporter which has Barnard worried in more ways than one. It is not until the threads begin to unravel that anyone realises quite how much immediate danger they are all in as Robertson makes a bid for freedom and revenge.

Blood Brothers was published by Crème de la Crime in March 2014

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Dressed to Kill

It's 1963. A new band called the Rolling Stones is beginning to make its mark and the mini-skirt is coming into fashion. For young Liverpudlian photographer Kate O'Donnell, it's an exciting time to be in the capital - especially as she's on secondment to an up-and-coming fashion photographer's studio. But there's a darker side to 1960s' London, Kate discovers, when the naked, battered body of a teenage prostitute is found amongst the rubbish bins behind a Soho jazz club - and it turns out the victim was a former model at the studio where Kate's working. When a second young model disappears, Kate enlists her friend DS Harry Barnard's help to find out exactly what's going on. Together, they uncover the first of several dark secrets surrounding Andrei Lubin's fashion studio and the notorious Jazz Cellar.

Dressed to kill was published by Crème de la Crime on 31 May 2013

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Death Trap

It's an exciting time to be in London, especially for young photographer Kate O'Donnell, who left her native Liverpool six months previously to share a tiny dilapidated flat at the top of a decaying house with two girlfriends in trendy Notting Hill. She was just in time to see the Beatles' meteoric rise to fame, bringing her home town and her accent into sudden favour. But she soon discovers that there's a darker side to Swinging Sixties' London when a prostitute is found murdered off the Portobello Road and a West Indian immigrant is arrested, inflaming the district's simmering racial tension to breaking point. The accused is Nelson Mackintosh, the father of one of Kate's flatmate Tess's pupils. Convinced of Nelson's innocence, Kate determines to track down the real killer. But when her activities attract the attention of notorious West Indian gangster King Devine, not even Kate's old sparring partner DS Harry Barnard can ensure her safety.

Death Trap was published by Crème de la Crime in March 2012

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